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Environment and Security

In today’s dynamic shipping industry, the protection of life at sea and the preservation of the environment are complex and pressing issues in constant evolution and at Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company SpA we observe them constantly and responsibly.

Our top priority is to provide to our customers:
Transparency and Quality
Constant Environmental Consciousness
Improvement and development of the cultural attitude of our human resources, both onboard and ashore, for the protection of environment.
Modern and efficient fleet: our tanker fleet consists of all modern, SBT, Double Hull 40.000 dwt vessels and our dry cargo fleet consists of all modern Panamaxes and new buildings.
Strong interaction between the individual departments, in order to enable the company’s ability to manage any emergency, through the board sharing of knowledge.
Emphasis to technical maintenance, since the structural integrity of our ships is our every day objective.

Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company SpA

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